There’s A Man Who Improves The Lives of Limbless Animals

Pit bull gets a plastic paw

This dog was found nailed to railroad tracks. Celebrate his recovery on #NationalDogDay

Posted by Plastics Make it Possible on Friday, August 26, 2016

Recycle Plastic At Home!

New Life for Old Plastic

You can build this handy plastic-recycling machine today!

Posted by Explorist on Tuesday, October 4, 2016

It’s Possible To Make Nuclear Diamond Batteries from Nuclear Waste Which Last 5000+ Years!

Scientists from the University of Bristol Cabot Institute are have been able to make a diamond in the lab that can generate electricity from upcycled radioactive waste! The scientists have found a way to heat the radioactive graphite to release most of the radioactivity in a gaseous form. The gas is, then, subjected to high temperature and low pressures that turn it into a man-made diamond. When placed near a radioactive field, these diamonds generate a small electrical current! How cool is that?!

This Little Girl Has A Heart Of Gold… You’ll Think So, Too!

When a loving little girl finds a winning lotto ticket on the floor at the supermarket… what did she do?
Probably not what I would have done… WATCH!

Instead of spending the money on herself, however, Phoebe used it to buy food for the Sycamore Hills Elementary School food drive. Thanks to Phoebe’s generous donation, the school was able to donate over 1,700 canned goods, 541 of which were contributed by the 2nd grade class. What a heart of gold!